Saltwater Creative

Saltwater is a creative company.

We are data-driven storytellers.

Officially, we’re a full-service, integrated creative agency that works with clients from a variety of industries to strategize and execute marketing and technology initiatives.

Unofficially, we’re a tight-knit team of passionate, creative people who dig coming to work each day in our sweet downtown space. We build brand awareness while we whistle, and strive for brand awesomeness as we work.

Our Goal

We want to make your brand look good — we mean, really good — and ensure that it communicates effectively to your target audience. Let’s give your competitors a nasty case of brand envy.

Recent Work

Silverstone Living

Recent Work

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital

Every client is different.

We determine the right blend of services.
+ Koi Animation & Videos
+ Swell Media
+ Social
+ Content
+ Development
+ Advertising
+ Brand & Identity
+ Design
+ Marketing Automation
+ Strategy
+ Research

We believe in

Research-inspired marketing.

Did we just say research is inspirational? Wait, don’t hang up! See, we have a solution-agnostic philosophy, meaning we won’t push a service on you just because we’re good at it or because it’s the latest trend. Our decision-making is powered by research and data. You get smart by listening, and that’s how we decide the best ways to reach your audience and maximize ROI.

All Capabilities

KOI VFX is our video, animation, 3D and effects division of Saltwater.


Great stories lead to amazing results.

Here in SaltwaterLand (it’s a magical place like Emerald City), we are all creatives who love to tell brand stories. Telling a story well takes a certain level of craftsmanship, and when you empower us to apply our knowledge and best thinking to the research, we can align your needs and objectives with your audience.

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