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Marketing Research Sets the Tone

“Get a clue!” Anybody ever said that to you? It’s good advice, because clues lead to proof, or in this case, research. Marketing research serves as the basis for any and all of our strategic engagements. Without it, you’re guessing. Understanding the wants, needs, motivations, fears and desires of audiences and customers allows us to come up with solutions, stories and content that resonate with both. Not only are we adding strong reasoning behind any approach we suggest, we’re also illustrating the human connection.

We utilize multiple research disciplines from qualitative and quantitative methodologies for target audience and stakeholder understanding. These methodologies help us develop user personas, which highlight the customer’s objectives and their potential emotional state. What are their pain points? What keeps them up at night? A complete competitive analysis and marketing audit will help us gain a 360-degree view of our client’s organizations, and highlight strengths vs weaknesses as well as competitive advantages and market opportunity.