With a significant number of high-tech manufacturing workers retiring in the next five years, AMPed NH had a mission to attract a younger demographic to be educated and properly trained in the industry. Part of the challenge was dispelling the notion that these are unskilled, low-paying, dirty factory jobs.

Branding & Identity


AMPed NH had a logo but needed a complete brand and identity. Saltwater was tasked with creating this around the provided logo. In doing so, logo lockups and parameters were set to maintain consistency.


Fonts & Colors

Gotham is a contemporary, geometric typeface with a lot of versatility. Created by the world reknowned type foundry, Hoefler & Frere-Jones, it’s easy to read and easy to digest.

Archer is also a Hoefler & Frere- Jones typeface so it has structural similarities to Gotham, but creates a strong contrast with its ball- terminal serifs and flowing italics. Archer will help AMPed tell another part of its story - one with personality.

The Amped NH color palette is bright and powerful to emphasis the excitement in choosing a career path to pursue.





Career Lattice

Saltwater was tasked with building an aptitude test for prospective college students to assist in choosing a career path in advanced manufacturing. The requirements included digital and print versions. The website is a step-by-step questionnaire that finds a user's best career matches as well as other related jobs. The print version works as a poster that shows all of the possible relevant careers and which jobs require similar skill sets and work styles.

amped_desktop.gif amped_mobile.gif print_lattice.jpg

More Work